2 thoughts on “How to use CBD?

  1. Yvonne says:

    I have really bad arthritis and sciatica
    would like to cut down or stop taking pain medication could you help me and advise what would be the best option for me please yours sincerely Yvonne ?

    • marcus says:

      Dear Yvonne
      Thank you for contacting us, however we are not able to give advice on whether you should cut down of stop taking your medication, this advice only your doctor can provide. However if your pain is localise we can recommend our CBD Balm, CBD Muscle Spray, Hemp Muscle Gel or Nutmeg Muscle Gel. You could also try our CBD Oils, Gummmies. Again should should have a conversation with your doctor before embarking. Thank you in advance for your co operation.

      Yours Sincerely
      The CBD Dispensary.

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