OVNS JC01 Cartridge


Saber OVNS JC01 Cartridge
OVNS JC01 Cartridge

 OVNS JC01 Cartridge

  • OVNS JC01 replacement Cartridge is compatible with JC01 battery and JUUL battery.
  • The JC01 Ceramic Pod uses Ceramic coil to ensure the purer flavor taste and extend the lifespan of the pod.
  • Capacity: 0.7ml liquid and support 1.5 ohm resistance.
  • The Saber JC01 E-liquid Pod has the same capacity as the Ceramic Pod.
  • Brand: OVNS
  • Product Type: Cartridge
  • Quantity: 3 PCS/PACK
  •  1.8 ohm resistance.


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