A Study carried out by a Korean University finds.

Researchers have observed increase efficacy in a cancer fighting agent when it was combined with CBD, according to Oncology researchers at the Korean University College of Medicine in Seoul, by pairing CBD with a common colorectal cancer treatment.

The study, published May 9 this year noted that successful cancer chemotherapies interfere with the processes involved in cell division and kill off a greater proportion of cancer cells compared with healthier ones.

The research team tested synergistic impact of CBD with a know cancer killing protein know as TRAIL a protein functioning as a ligand, which induces a process of cell death. Ligands are molecules that bind to a central atom to form a coordination complex.

Researcher have shown considerable interesting TRAIL in the hope of developing an effective cancer treatment because it can hasten the death of tutor cells without affecting or harming normal adjacent cells.

In their experiments, the scientists found that both TRAIL and CBD separately hasten the normal death in colorectal cancer cells in  mice. Their hypothesis is by combining the two TRAIL AND CBD.

The natural compound found in CBD could be an effective TRAIL sensitisers and the combination therapy of the two may be an effective treatment strategy against colorectal cancer.

CBD is itself of interest for cancer studies. Although research on CBD is in its infancy, many studies have found that CBD inhibit the growth of many different types of tumours, in both trials tubes and animals alike.

The findings by the Korean research team study open the pathway of investigation for scientist looking for new chemotherapy options for treating colorectal cancer the third most common cancer worldwide.

The research carried out by the Korean scientist were compounded by Kent Vrana, Ph.D. Pharmacology Department Chair at Penn State University (PSU)  College of Medicine in Hershey has led similar research on Colon cancer.

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