CBD |Buds|Flower tea?

The cannabis plant is amazingly versatile, the entire plant can be eaten, drank, smoked from roots to flowers to leafs and seeds.

Tea is an ancient drink originating from the far east. Traditionally it is prepared with leaves, however steeped CBD Buds/flowers can do the job just as well.

Our CBD Buds/Flowers contain >0.2% THC. This small concentration, there is no psychoactive effect, you’ll  not feel any kind of high after consuming the tea.

CBD is the dominant compound found in our Buds/Flowers. It’s non psychoactive, non toxic with no side effect.


Preparation of CBD tea is similar to any other tea. Take 1 teaspoon or a small Bud/Flower and place in a cup, pour hot water over it. Allow to steep

( soak in hot water) for between 2-5 minutes depending on the desired strength.

CBD Buds/Flower tea has a very pleasant taste, like herbal tea. You can modify the taste by adding honey, milk, or lemon. CBD Buds/Flower tea have a greenish colour.

CBD Buds/Flower as the name suggest are flowers, so can be crushed or used as a hold flower to make your tea.

CBD Bus/Flowers can be smoke as opposed to drinking however the choice is yours. 

We recommend using to make tea as opposed to the former.

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